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Yoga for wellness

Listen to Your Body

I’ve been a recognised Yoga Instructor in London since 2015. I believe in living a life free of judgement, filled with joy and gratitude. These feelings inform and guide my teaching and practice, which is focused on helping my clients better connect to themselves and their surroundings.
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open your heart to possibilities

How Yoga Helps Us

Mindful breathing practices help us to regulate our nervous system, so we can feel our best selves. I teach breathing practices for increased energy and vitality, breathing for increased focus when we need to work, and anxiety soothing breathing practices that can help us sleep better.

Guided asana practice is a great way to check in with our bodies and keep it in good health. Unlike the Crow Pose pictured here, the physical practice of yoga does not have to be strenuous, unless you want it to be. Listening to our bodies and our needs in each moment is the key to living a healthy life and practicing yoga can help us to develop this skill.

breathing exercises in yoga to restore focus and calm
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One-to-one yoga class

A 50 minutes to one hour of yoga with me, online or in person, tailored to your individual needs. My areas of specialisation in yoga teaching include yoga for healthy lower backs, yoga therapy for anxiety, and Hatha yoga (breathing practices, movement, mindful meditations).

Mindful meditations

Request a recorded audio meditation by me, tailored to your needs, such as

  • better sleep

  •  progressive muscle relaxation

  •  mindful self-compassion meditation.

Corporate yoga and meditation

Wellbeing at work programmes such as yoga and meditation classes create greater workplace harmony and increase productivity of staff. 
Book a yoga class with me and let's make it happen!

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